It was definitely high time to sought my things out, as I was given an ultimatum to evacuate the apartment I was living in. I knew this would happen sooner or later since I had resigned from my work. The firm had provided me with the accommodation. They were asking me to go beyond the line of limits, that I had made for myself. So, there you go! I bayed a bye-bye to them.Karma is a Bitch, so were they. Packing my things up efficiently was the last thing on Earth I would like to do. I geared myself up and started working on it. I was almost done with everything, that I thought was necessary to take along with me to my new living place. Just about time when I was locking the apartment safely, I heard a cracking sound down the basement. I didn’t know what was actually lying in there. It was quite a long time, I visited it. To my dimmest memory, there was sheer trash in there and things that I don’t really like or things I don’t use or I don’t need. A part of me was suggesting to go down and check if I was missing out on something, just in case.

The basement was lurid and murky, overcast by heaps of layers of dust everywhere.Illuminating it to such an extent that I may see the objects and not get myself hurt by thrashing and bumping in them. I saw a very large object, almost my height covered with a big long white cloth. Basement really contained the trash. It had tools used for gardening, those stuff which aid you to fix household things, rotten staircase, worn chairs and tables. But that area where the large mysterious object was lying and consuming dust and mud, caught my eye. I carefully unleash the cloth and to my astonishment I see a large untouched Canvas.A canvas of about 60/60 ft. It was a mixture of emotions to see the love of my life after so long. I was grieved to see it so frivolous and flimsy. I had myself seize the supply of heartiness in my life which this canvas provided. I had sabotaged its importance and worth. It stood there like it has no issues and complains and was lingering for me to come and embrace it, again. The corner nearby the canvas had some of my paintings and tools for painting. Also, some of my mater piece sketches were drowned in dismay and were decayed. Well, luckily, not to a greater disappointing extent. The feeling of the texture of the drawing sheets and their aroma was explicit. The sight of my paintings threw me down the memory lane. Oh Lord! I was so nostalgic and taken aback by so much emotions. 

I was saddened and aggressive on my routine and hectic lifestyle as to why I have been neglecting my pretty canvas and the passion I had for art. I didn’t have time for drawing or painting because I was so busy in making money and earning a healthy livelihood. #couldn’tbreakthesterotypes #anartistisafailure. #youcannotmakemoneyoutofsketches. Oh wow!Fantastic. Pretty much justified logic. I quickly grabbed everything and headed towards the exiting alley. I stopped and thought that will I be able to take time out for my canvas? Will the canvas be an unattended object somewhere consuming dust in my new house, all over again? But that was mere an afterthought. Took it to my new house, and placed it in a room where I could go and meditate while drawing. Not to forget, art gave me peace from inside. 

I knew I had many other “leftovers” in my life that seek my attention. May it be the red mailbox or the closet full of untouched clothes or shoes or the drafts label of my blog or my email. 

Oh God! Give me strength to discover the other ‘leftovers’ sooner. 

*** What a content and satisfaction it is to work on something you really love***