A Peace loving society and its men? What a pity.

In this hopeless world, where everything seems mild and timid and is covered with the crudeness and absurdity of an expression called extremism and hatred. No one gives a damn about a person dying next door. They don’t really care if the baby they saw on the streets is hungry. They aren’t affected by the problems and troubles others are facing. One thing that makes my mind wander a lot is it is pretty fascinating or mind boggling that there is roughly more than one class in every society; one class rules over the other. Richer is always the richer, and poor’s condition gets worse day by day; successively. When I was a child, I was taught “What goes around comes around.” and “As you soe, shall you reap.” But that really never happened. I mean, I never saw that coming. If you ask me, I would declare the hatred and extremism pretty much justifiable. The boy on the street who is hungry, watching others eat up to their fill in their luxuries cars having fun and not caring about him and his misery will definitely rebel and obstinate. Ever heard of term ‘relative sense of deprivation’? The boy I just mentioned is suffering from this inferiority complex. How come you think he will not pick up pockets? How could he not commit theft? How could he stay safe from indulging himself in drugs? How on this Earth makes you think that he’ll play a positive role in the development of the society; A peace loving society. HOW? Do you really expect such positive things from a child whose childhood has been wasted on the streets; begging just to keep him from starving? So that he and his family do not die? I feel pity on your thinking, Sir.


The love-hate relationship.

The love-hate relationship is very cliche’. We all know where and how these things end. People mistake the real meaning of hatred. They all believe it to be the opposite or the absence of love. But little did they know, it is not so. It is as strong as love. Lets just be real; You will never hate on someone without any reason. It has deeper meaning and deeper meaning only means deeper emotions. Hate, truth be told, is more bothering than love. For you think of the person you hate more than you love. One may hate upon someone because they adore them and cant be like them. Or may be, the love them the most. They might think about the person they hate, more than anything they love.There’s a very thin line, parting both the emotions.

Being bitter is really not the solution. It is not actually in your favor. You’re just fooling yourself and .feeding your mind with stupid non-sense things just to satisfy your ego instead of letting go. 

So, live life, love life and say no to hatred. No one deserves hate. this word is in itself a very harsh word that can shatter one’s world apart.