7 things that make feminism a scam!


(Disclaimer: feminists skip this article, because we are about to go sexist)

Okay, so honestly I am not intending to target certain people running around to support  a particular clichéd or mainstream idea just because the ideology/ ism sounds so cool and fancy; I am making an attempt to highlight some flaws/ defects of the philosophy itself. Let us begin, shall we?

  1. Feminism is an excuse.

When you know you are losing an argument or you do not have an outlet from something, feminism is your savior. It lets you have an escape from almost everything.

“My life, my choice; it’s my choice to have sex before or outside marriage”

Oh really???!! It is kind of illegal and immoral to do so, so just stop being a hoe.

  1. Feminism is ironic.

So, you talk about equal rights and we all know when you seek rights, you have to perform and deliver. But when it comes to delivering, you get away with ‘Mein kesay ker sakti hun ye; mein tou larki hun’. Irony, no? I work at multinational telecommunication company these days and I came across a young girl, about my age group. She supported the idea of women rights-equality a bit too much. One day she was asked to fix some cables and wires, (that is the job description, because telecommunication?) She got furious and said “I cannot do this, larkon ka kam hota hai ye tou” and that rendered me confused as to why is she conceding her own ideology. According to these people there is nothing that a woman cannot do. So….(?)

  1. Feminism is a fraud.

Yes, you heard me right. Feminism is a blemished concept and thus is a fraud. By definition, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights and egalitarianism on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. I totally get it and I too want equality among all the sexes; but the most tragic thing about this whole movement is that people advocating this idea themselves do not even know what they are fighting for. Do they want equality amongst sexes or do they want women superiority. 

  1. Feminism is overrated.

So feminism is a movement for women social, economic and political equality to that of men. It is taken up as a social issue rather than a political or economic issues, on a greater level. But have you ever realized standing in a queue, women are exempted from waiting and standing for that long so that they can get their stuff done easily. Also, statics tell us that if a man commits a crime he is sentenced to life imprisonment where as if the same crime or even more severe one is committed by a woman, she gets a lighter penalty. What do you pro feminism advocates have to say about that?

  1. Feminism instigates hate.

Feminism does not tell women to be rude or wild. It should not propagate hate against men in women. Sadly, situation is otherwise. Feminist and pro feminism advocates have developed so much hatred for men that they have started becoming lesbians (or homosexuals). And this is vexatious. Your sexuality is what you think it is and is definitely ones choice but justifying it in the name of feminism is unfair. It is nauseating to know ladies whining on the fact that they cannot cook for their families, do their laundries and other daily chores of life because they are not their slaves. If you think caring is slavery, then fuck feminism.

  1. Feminism is nasty.

Another tragedy about feminism is that it is nasty. For example, I’ve had an experience to witness an insistence where there was a couple walking up in a public park. Probably they ran in an argument and the man started shouting at the woman and in the blink of an eye, dozens of people gathered around and started beating the man. Whereas, before this very moment, that same very woman pushed the man and slapped him on the face but to my surprise, no one came to rescue the man. In fact, no one even bothered to stop and look what was happening. If the public had not come for woman’s protection, there would have been a law suit filed against all of them the next day and a whole bunch of NGO’s and several feminism activists would have been protesting against this incident naming it domestic violence and obviously who would want such hotshot of a trouble? And they surely did not have much time and energy to poke their noses in man’s business because obviously that man was a man enough to deal with his shit. Hence, feminism gives an opportunity to play nasty and lets you get away with it.

  1. Feminism is another form of racism.

Advocates of this movement take being rude as a given. They intentionally or unintentionally develop the narcissist themselves in them. And that’s exactly what they were against off, initially.  They do not even realize that they are surpassing their own demand and are conceding their own idea. They want unisex culture and no differences or sense of superiority amongst sexes but what they actually desire for is women superiority and thus they contradict their own philosophy of equality amongst sexes.

Therefore, it is rather sane to support a certain idea after knowing what are you thriving for and not just because doing so makes you look cool or just because your favorite celebrity does so. Everything has two side like a coin. If this concept has some pros, it does have some corns at the same time just like anything else. You as its advocates need to realize what you are up for. Statistics tells us that after the modern feminism wave, the ratio of abortion and divorces worldwide have touched new heights so stop misusing this concept. Also, we must try to understand that the execution of the idea is flawed so instead of propagating hate amongst other sexes, we should fight for the correct execution of equality between sexes. Moreover, if you are an advocate of equality amongst sexes, support equality amongst humans. Humanity is above all and it should be that way. Do not talk about feminism or meninism, talk about humanity because it covers masses. Every being on this planet earth deserves equality. Stop talking about races, sexes, minorities and majorities that divide people into segregation and stops them to love other species.