The awkward question.

I dont know how to put this together but,i came across something that boggled my mind, like crazy.

So it is something like this:

A dark man found an oxygenised gold lamp that he later discovered to be a magic lamp and it turns tears into gleaming pearls. If he’d weep in the cup, the cup would transform the tears into wealth. The man was poor yet happy and he never had any reason to shed tears upon. So he started finding reasons to cry and shed tears upon, so that his tears could make him rich. As his tears -pearls up, so did his greed grow…

-With the knife in my hands, covered with immense thick red blood;sitting on top of a mountains of pearls, i was there crying helplessly into the cup and my wife’s lifless body wrapped in my arms.
Yeah. I was very rich. Very much.yes.-

A dull person, who never went to school niether was litrate much, who did not have any exoposure,asked me:

“Why did the man even killed his wife? Infact why did he ever have to feel sad to shed tears? Couldnt he have just smelled an onion?”

How can someone crtisize like this? How couldnot one understand irony?
But, it somehow made sense!